12 Jun 2014 Caen (France)

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The pictures taked by David Hourt are available here

The video of the conference of Sylvain Ravy is available here

JED2014 Summer Part

 See you for the Autumn part 2014 : https://dsd14autumn.sciencesconf.org/



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SIMEM Doctoral School Day - Summer part

June 12th 2014

NXP Amphitheater at the Campus EffiScience
2 esplanade Anton Philips


  The Doctoral School Days are an event organized by the SIMEM Doctoral School. The JED SIMEM's summer part of the 5th edition will take place in June 2014 at the Campus EffiScience in Colombelles. This day aim to regroup all the Ph.D. students of our school around their research topic. Among with poster sessions, student conferences and prizes awards for the best, invited speakers will perform plenary talks.

  This is a unique opportunity to see the work of the Doctoral School's PhD students, which includes a wide variety of laboratories (9), and to use plain language to present a specific field of research to a diverse scientific audience.

Two invited speakers will be at the forefront during this day:

  • Sylvain Ravy (Physicist - Condensed Matter Physics) from the Synchrotron-SOLEIL
  • Mathieu Langer (Physicist - Astrophysics, Cosmology) from the Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale at the Université Paris-Sud

This first part of the Doctoral School Days 2014 will be rich in both discoveries and exchanges. Don’t hesitate to fill the registration form and come along to live this day with us !



How to get there ?

By Bus (DSD'14 committee)

Shuttles will depart from the Campus 2  from the tramway stop "Campus 2" at 8:30, not laterYour punctuality will be much appreciated. Thanks for answering carefully at registration time whether we book a seat for you or not. The bus will also bring you back at the end of the day for the evening meal.

Restaurant: Le Sans-Gêne




You do not need to create an account if you have already have one in the sciencesconf.org domain (this includes the one from last year) !


1 - Create an account (except if you have one already).
2 - Register in My space / Registration. Don't forget to select your preferences about meals and bus.
3 - If you want to participate, you have to submit one (or more) abstracts in My space / My submissions


To subscribe as an auditor (no contribution), you have until Friday May 30th.

To subscribe with a contribution, you have until Wednesday May 21st (flyers not accurate), which can be :

  • A talk : 15 mins + 5 mins questions = 20 mins total
  • A poster : A0 expected, smaller ones will be accepted as well
  • A 180" : you are only allowed one slide and when the countdown reaches 180", your mic is turned off !

During registration, you have to submit an abstract in english and we will contact you shortly right after the closure to inform you whether we accept your contribution or not. Templates (.tex or .doc) are (will soon be) available at:

JED'14 Abstract Templates

Thanks to respect them carefully for we won't have time to page everything correctly. If you wish to submit multipe contribution (e.g. a poster and a 180"), you are free to do so - you just have to submit twice under a different category (can be the same abstract).

Please make a special effort to explain things with a plain language ! You will not address specialists of your specific topic, not even from your specific discipline (even if it is a scientific audience).

The DSD will be held in both languages, even if English is strongly preferred.

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